The Power of enVISIONing in 2021 The Year of The Key: Unlock Doors to Love, Joy, Creativity and Prosperity.

The #Predictions2021 Free Webinar with ChriSOULa Sirigou and guests is packed with inspirational insights to help you ENVISION and MANIFEST Love Joy Creativity and Prosperity in 2021.



This webinar was recorded in mid-April as we have completed the first quarter of 2021, a Numerology 5 Year, and under the revitalising energy of Spring, it’s the ideal time to press pause, become equipped with a deeper understanding, clarity of #VISION and focus how you can maximise the energies of 2021 – The Year of The Key.

  • What can stop you from unlocking the doors of opportunities to more love, health, wealth and joy in your life?
  • What’s your Personal Number and Colour for 2021?
  • How can you be inspired to Spring into Action?

The insightful predictions are presented through the lens and frequencies of Colour, enhanced by the wisdom of numerology and guided by planetary influences and the principles of Chinese philosophy (2021 the Year of the Gold Metal Ox).

Worth watching to receive enlightening insights for you personally, and also, for your family members and friends/colleagues. In this webinar you’ll also hear from Constance Schaap about the power of VISION boards. Since then we have set the date for the Activate Your VISION Board Workshop on 19th June 2021. Registration on Eventbrite. ChriSOULa’s sister, Maria Sirigou, shares how the energy of Colour and Colour therapy helped her through her journey with breast cancer between October 2019 and throughout 2020 (and continues until the present) and her incredible transformation both personally and professionally. Have you ordered the 30-page pdf full report “YOUR PERSONAL YEAR REPORT 2021”? In addition to Predictions 2021 Free Webinar which provides an overview for the year ahead and some key info for Personal Years 1 to 9, Your Personal Year Report is a super helpful tool with additional insights related to your Year Planet, Number, Colour, Health, Wealth, Love /Relationships and more – all included is Your Personal Year Report 2021 (pdf file delivered to you in your inbox) based on analysis of your Date of Birth. Order Your Personal Year Report 2021 for yourself or for someone else as a conscious, meaningful gift by email to at £55.00.
If you prefer to receive key information about your Life Path Number and Soul Colour following analysis of your Birthday Chart Report, this comes as a wonderful package for the value of £99.00 Please include the name and the date of birth. It normally takes 4-5 working days to be ready.