The Truth About Dragons Part One




Meet The DRAGONS Workshop Series

Each webinar is stand-alone yet interlinked with the others, and you can take them all or just choose those you feel drawn to.  All workshops will focus on how these celestial beings along with their elemental energies, colour and planetary frequencies can help and support us at an individual level and how we feel empowered then to contribute our light to the collective and Mother Earth herself.  All the workshops are open to anyone who feels drawn to attend. You do not need any particular knowledge about dragons or of colour to take part.

The Truth About Dragons Part One | RECORDING AVAILABLE

Dragons are fully of the angelic realms and work with the archangels to help you and the planet. When you meet your personal dragon, your life can change. ChriSOULa says that your dragon has been waiting for a long time to meet you and help you. When you understand the natural elements your dragon is most strongly associated with (earth, water, fire, air), you’ll know how they are able to help you, and connecting with your dragon will make all sorts of things in your life change for the better.

ChriSOULa takes you on this introductory journey to connect with these angelic beings and help you meet your personal dragon, who will inspire and protect you on your journey. Prepare for entirely new understandings and a huge download of light!

  • Learn all about the wise old dragons, meet your own dragon companion and how to communicate with it. Find out what element it is and get to know it!
  • How fire dragons can help heal you and the world.
  • Meet the water, air and earth dragons, learn what they do to help us, then work with them.
  • Quan Yin’s beautiful pink dragons of transcendent love connect with you so that you heal all relationships and bring families together to fulfil their potential. They clear your blocks to love.
  • The Lilac Dragons set you free under grace as you call on them to transmute energies in places, situations and round people. They can clear energies that angels cannot reach.

We’ll be connecting with the beautiful spritzers essences in the Colour Mirrors system, including the elementals Earth, Air, Fire and Water and some sparkling essences dedicated to Dragons too!

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants when it becomes available. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event in case you cannot attend live.

Find out more about ChriSOULa and her journey with Dragons here:

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