Tune into Prosperity Dragons Part Two




Meet The DRAGONS Workshop Series

Each webinar is stand-alone yet interlinked with the others, and you can take them all or just choose those you feel drawn to.  All workshops will focus on how these celestial beings along with their elemental energies, colour and planetary frequencies can help and support us at an individual level and how we feel empowered then to contribute our light to the collective and Mother Earth herself.  All the workshops are open to anyone who feels drawn to attend. You do not need any particular knowledge about dragons or of colour to take part.

Part Two: Tuning in to Prosperity Dragons

Following the first part of the Meet The Dragons workshops series, we are continuing developing a deeper connection with some of the other amazing dragons and their RAINBOW colours. This event includes:

1 The SILVER DRAGONS who bring good fortune and show you your special gifts bring you all kinds of prosperity and blessings.

2 The MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS RAINBOW DRAGONS who open doors of higher possibilities for you. ChriSOULa will be invoking the RAINBOW Dragon of Wisdom and Joy and will take you through a powerful visualisation/ meditation to help increase our belief in miracles and open up to receive and accept opportunities to be in flow and grow as a whole.

3 The protective, nurturing BLACK DRAGONS who enable your visions to grow and take you through an extraordinary healing.

4 The gentle GREEN DRAGONS of nature, who will take you into the harmony of the green world to reveal secrets and answer your questions.

5 The commanding ORANGE DRAGONS who work with your navel chakra to help you build bridges, find oneness and manifest your visions powerfully as they did in the golden era of Atlantis.

As with all Zoom workshops this event will be LIVE, and the recording sent out to all participants as soon as it becomes available. The recorded version is just as powerful as the live event in case you cannot attend live.

A recording will also become available after the live event on our online school WHOLISTIC Love Institute (coming soon).

Enquiries: Please email Chrisoula@chrisoulasirigou.com

Testimonial from Dragons workshop participant

Thank you so much for the beautiful connection with the Dragons today. I really enjoyed it. I have been drawn to Dragons in recent months, I would have been more connected with Angels and now see they are all connected. I feel Dragons are needed during these times we are all living through. Looking forward to part 2.

— Ruth McCarthy, Cork Ireland

Testimonial from Dragons workshop participant

Awesome Dragon workshop Chrisoula. I can still feel the energy of it in my body. I can so see why the Dragons connected with you and I agree it is time now for you to share your wisdom. I too felt the attraction to work with them in my practice and find out more about how they can help us. No better and loving teacher than you to learn more.

— Constance Schaap, Netherlands

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